KiLL3Rw0lF 8/4/2018 2:53 PM
Issues with Crate PA-B6350 - fuses are off, slight burns
Hello guys. I've been trying to repair a Crate amp here and I cannot seem to quite get it. It is blowing the main fuse instantly. When I got it, it had a 250V 2A main fuse and two other 32V 30A which seem to be connected between the front and rear panels. On the schematics which I was able to find on another post, actually on this same site, it says something about the main fuse being 6A and the other two 1/4A...... I don't want to blow the thing any more then it already is. The only damage I have seen so far appears to be some heat damage. The damage doesn't appear to be too bad. No broken traces or anything. Nothing appears to be shorting.

So far, I've tried replacing the main fuse, however I only have fast blow fuses. I replaced the already blown one with another 2A fuse, which blew instantly. The amp didn't even appear to power on, it blew so fast. I had everything turned completely down before powering on, as I always do with my amps. I use a cheap subwoofer for testing, that way I don't loose much if one of these decides to blow it. No power, no sound so far.

It appears that the filter capacitors may have been removed before. I'm not worried about those being replace in reverse as there is only one way to place them on the board.....

Should I replace the 2A fuse with a 6A fuse, as the schematics say? What about the 1/4A fuses?

This is the burn area itself:

This is the other side of the PCB, above the burn area:

Here is the link to an older forum, asking alot of the same thing but not many answers.

Thank you in advance for any help. I can provide any other information upon request; excluding my address, phone number, debit number, etc..... haha
Enzo 8/4/2018 4:10 PM
Yes of course you should put the correct fuses in the unit. 30A fuses do not belong anywhere near this amp. Says right on the rear panel this thing uses up to 700 watts, so 2A won;t cover it.

FIlter caps can only go one way? Most of them can be rotated 180 degrees and still fit the holes.