drewl 7/31/2018 7:43 PM
Ugh..Idiot Jubilee hacked
Marshall 2555 sounding bad, then I notice it was modded.
Specifically the relay must have gone bad so it was replaced with the wrong pin-out one and modded to "work" but not correctly.
Frakin' Idiot.
I have the right pin out but too high a voltage.
I'll see if I have any at work.

If not, anyone know where to find replacements off the top of yer head?
Justin Thomas 7/31/2018 8:25 PM
I know someone will ask, so, schematic?

drewl 8/1/2018 5:25 AM
Sure, if it makes you feel better

There is no info on the relay on the schems.
drewl 8/1/2018 6:10 AM
Here is a correct part for future reference.

drewl 8/1/2018 4:50 PM
Ugh, what an idiot.

So I got the relay and switching sorted out but hardly any volume.
Because the loop jacks were wired wrong.

That explains the mod I removed earlier which sent signal to the return loop amp.