Codyg 7/31/2018 6:49 PM
Are affordable amps just made poorly? and trouble shooting blackstar artist 10 ae
So I am on my third tube amp and this one has problems too. Tried two bassbreaker 15 combos both had reverb issues and possible bad preamp tube in one. Now blackstar artist 10 ae hums and makes a tink sorta sound like your tapping on a lighbulb randomly. Sweetwater was kind enough to send me another one but just curious about what that noise is. Also am I having bad luck or do most new amps come with problems?

About the blackstar issue:
The hum is constant regardless of any knob turning. It goes away if I unplug the input cable. Happens when master volume is all the way off. Not ground loop tested with 2 prong adapter. Sweetwater technician had me try to plug the guitar into the return and guitar wouldnt produce sound. Also that tink sound like your tapping on glass every now and then or atleast right after I stop playing. The hum starts about 10 seconds after you turn it on the amp. I dont think its 60 hz because the strongest frequency on a frequency spectrum app i downloaded is 250hz. I do live close to a cell tower and there is wifi in the room I am in so dunno about emi. A guy on blackstar forum had the same problem with the same line of amp but no one repsponded. Anyway, im just curious, I think its good to have a basic understanding of my gear hopefully the one they send me next works ok. Thanks :-]