tedmich 7/29/2018 1:23 PM
John Dunlavy's legacy
I ran across some rare speakers on Clist:
John Dunlavy's famous SC-V speakers for $5k near me.
notice the carefully chosen room/ acoustic treatment befitting 2 x 305lb monsters!

I ended up reading up on the Engineer John Dunlavy who for several years painstakingly made extremely accurate (and HUGE!) speakers that have found favor in many a mastering studio (and quite a few audiophile' dens and AV snob man caves). He seems to have been a quintessential empiricist engineer who spent up to 30h tweaking the crossovers for each speaker in an anechoic chamber. He was in the world of high end audio, an anomaly.

He refused to use the highest dollar drivers favored by the elite "house cost" speaker manufacturers the audiophiles salivate over, having measured them and seen all their terrible resonances and peaks caused by their use of "cool new materials". He reportedly would invite the >$1k per foot wire hucksters into his Colorado Lab and let them A/B their wares while secretly leaving his prefered cheap wires with (horrors!) crimp on quick connects in place, and listen intently as the sales dweebs spoke of all the "transparency, immediacy and coherence" improvements they could now hear/imagine.

His speaker's drivers were/are by all accounts beautifully blended together with amazing care, giving incredibly neutral sound. Funniest yet are the audiophiles discussions of WHY they were so good, they are at a complete loss to explain how this Engineer could succeed while subverting all of the major tenets of their religion!

this is what his crossovers ended up looking like!
crimp connectors! electrolytics! goop!! sand cast resistors! ICK!
Some cap values are paralleled but some aren't??
Mixed resistor brands?? What does it all mean??

This thread follows several of them "audiphiling" an "upgrade" for this unit, at great expense.

one of the guys in the above thread with the best Dunlavy stories has seven (7) of the above SC-V speakers along with 2 x Dunlavy's rare TSW-V subs (7.2 natch) all driven by their own Bryston 28B SST2 monoblocks, hopefully in a room the size of Shea Stadium.

Its like this setup but add two more monoliths
^ this poor guy had to put up with...sniff... crappy 5.2!

and this thread with many descriptions of interactions with John Dunlavy before he succumbed to dementia and his company closed.