nosaj 7/4/2018 3:21 PM
Happy Birthday America!
Happy Birthday America, even though I don't like where your going I am still proud to be an American and hope fully through time and perserverance these things will pass and everyman can raise there head proud!

Here is some comedy you guys may enjoy. equal opportunity bashing of dems and repubs.

Enjoy your fourth!

Enzo 7/4/2018 3:25 PM
Same to you. Here at the home we are having a float in the Mason July 4th parade.
nosaj 7/4/2018 3:31 PM
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Same to you. Here at the home we are having a float in the Mason July 4th parade.
We're going to wtch fireworks over a lake that has a train that passes around the lake under the displays. Come home and do some fire works with the kids.

Chuck H 7/4/2018 6:31 PM
FWIW fighting to gain independence wasn't as heroic as history portrays. In fact we (America) were sort of out of line! We weren't trying to escape tyranny, we were skirting taxes. As a British colony there are expenses. And the Brits had just come to our aid in the French/American war. That "S" isn't cheap and we shouldn't have expected it for free. So some taxes were mandated to tidy up the finances and we went all ape $h!t about it. And we still act like the same spoiled, entitled brats today. The truth is it's a good life being a part of this culture. And I'm glad to participate But we shouldn't turn a blind eye to certain things. How we're viewed around the world is greatly influenced by our posture. And now, with the ultimate cowboy buffoon as our commander in chief we just sort of cemented who we are. It happens to be who we were too.

But as I said, I do enjoy independence done American style. So happy fourth! Go grill some sausages or burgers. I'm having brats tonight.