nsubulysses 6/24/2018 5:37 PM
Need help in California! San Diego, Santa Cruz, Long Beach, Ventura, etc
Anyone in the area that can help on short, short notice with an amp fix for a touring band?

Steve A, Tedmich??

I can almost guarantee it will be an easy fix. My guess is a power tube died and it has blown the 1A HT fuse.

Friends band is on tour and playing in San Diego tonight. Their amp has cut out at the last show

ANY help appreciated. really need it.

Please let me know.

Send me a PM or post here

Enzo 6/24/2018 7:05 PM
Please, once the need has passed, take your email off the post - it just begs to be harvested by bots.
nsubulysses 6/24/2018 8:56 PM
I was planning on it but I appreciate you looking out Enzo
cerrem 6/24/2018 9:59 PM
I am located in San Diego...North County....
Have serviced many touring musicians in 35 years...
Have many of LA musicians for clients....
Most repairs are done on the spot...
Most likely they have the amp running by now....
nsubulysses 6/24/2018 10:33 PM
They play in san diego tonight. The band is called Lume, from Chicago. Would it be ok if I have them contact you ? I could give them your email address or phone number if you message it to me.

Thanks for replying!

Maybe they could have the amp checked in the morning tomorrow before they drive to Long Beach.
cerrem 6/24/2018 10:47 PM
OK... I see they played in El Cajon tonight....
PM me for contact details..
nsubulysses 6/25/2018 11:50 AM
Anybody inLA?
nsubulysses 7/11/2018 11:25 PM
Can a mod edit out my email address in post 1. It is so old I guess I cannot edit it.

They replaced the blown 1A HT fuse 3 or 4 towns later and everything was fine. There was a special circumstance. Apparently they were late to a show in Phoenix, it was about 110 degrees outside ("even hotter in the van!" they say), they arrived at the show while the band before them was playing. When they finished, my friends band unloaded gear from van directly onto stage in air conditioned room, sound check, and blow the fuse 30 seconds into 1st song. guess it makes sense. Fuse LOOKED not blown, but it had no more continuity. Happy news for me because I let them borrow my amp for the tour!
DrGonz78 7/12/2018 2:35 PM
Quote Originally Posted by nsubulysses View Post
They replaced the blown 1A HT fuse 3 or 4 towns later and everything was fine.
I have to wonder if this was a Marshall head?
nsubulysses 7/12/2018 3:48 PM
It was a prototype of my own amp design. So of course I was heartbroken when they said it blew a fuse.
Enzo 7/12/2018 3:55 PM
Every amp blows a fuse eventually, usually because a tube is failing.
DrGonz78 7/13/2018 1:06 AM
Quote Originally Posted by nsubulysses View Post
It was a prototype of my own amp design. So of course I was heartbroken when they said it blew a fuse.
Well that's unfortunate. I thought it might be a Marshall since I have had the same problem with the TSL100 series amps. Was playing a show on a hot summer night in Phoenix and it went great. We double booked that night and quickly loaded up to cruise off to another gig in Tempe, AZ. At the Tempe gig I warm my amp up and flip the standby hence blowing the 1A HT fuse. Replaced it and it was fine again. I had a habit of carrying 1A fuses ready to go since it happened on that amp a few times. Also, I serviced a TSL100 about a year ago and while biasing/testing the amp it blew the HT fuse, which always happens when flipping the standby switch. The customer originally had a 4A fuse in it where it should be 1A. I think in that case I had one tube out of the quad that was pulling a butt load of current. So Enzo is probably correct about it possibly being a shotty tube. After I replaced the tubes the owner used it in a 21 date rock opera and the 1A fuse remained strong.
nsubulysses 7/13/2018 8:01 AM
Well last gig of tour tonight in LANSING, MI. I hope the amp doesn't blow up. maybe enzo can do an emergency call if it does? Just joking.

I'm sure it will be good. It has played 15 or 20 shows since blowing the fuse. I think the main problem was ultra hot van, then loading into air conditioned room and playing immediately.

It has a quad of 70s GE 6CA7 that seem to just keep going and going.
Enzo 7/13/2018 4:11 PM
Who are they and where are they playing?

Enzo no longer has a shop, but he knows who does.
nsubulysses 7/13/2018 5:18 PM
Enzo you are a saint but I think everything is gonna be alright for them. They are a band called Lume and as far as I know (no news is good news) the amp has worked for a couple weeks in a row daily so I think they're in the clear

They are playing Mac's Bar. You should go visit them they are super nice and Dylan (bass player) just bought an oscilloscope and is getting into learning some tech stuff. I bet you could drop some knowledge and really help out a newcomer.............I got him reading the Merlin Blencowe books to start off. Great stuff to chat about over a few beers if you feel like making an appearance
Enzo 7/13/2018 8:17 PM
I certainly know Macs bar, though I am about 45 years too old to walk in there.

Touring with an O-scope, now there is something.

Your pal is surely welcome to join us here to learn stuff.