Randall 6/13/2018 1:45 PM
Safety glasses
I know I should use them, but I don't, figuring my regular reading glasses plus my jewelers headband superhero magnifier is enough. Well, let me take a second to remind fellow bench warriors, freak things do happen. Today while I was concentrating and focused on a piece, I pulled my 750* soldering iron out of it's holster and the tip bumped against the wire guard. Somehow a molten little ball of solder flew at my face and landed, no stuck itself to the lid on right corner of my eye. Man, did that hurt! Now I have a red welt there, but I don't complain because 1/8" closer and I would be in a world of hurt. I already have glaucoma and astigmatism, the last thing I need is a burned eyeball.

Stay safe out there!
big_teee 6/13/2018 2:10 PM
Glad you're OK, with minimal injury.
I do lots of farm type shop work.
Lots of drilling, welding, and grinder work.
I use a flip up and down face shield a lot.
I use wrap around plastic shop glasses when I mow, to keep the dust, and debris out of my eyes.
Ear plugs are important for noise, and dust.
Enzo 6/13/2018 4:02 PM
The eyeglass place was always trying to get me on plastic lenses, or acrylic or whatever they are. I insisted on hardened glass. I like reasonably large lenses, not the tiny trendy ones. I have had a wire let go from a solder joint and flick molten solder directly at my eyes more than once. Harmlessly hits my lens, and I peel it off. I also have little spots all over me wher solder blobs have hit.
xtian 6/14/2018 1:20 PM
I need readers for close work now. So happy I found these DeWalt safety glasses with bifocals built in!


drewl 6/14/2018 3:37 PM
I rarely use safety glasses.
Only once did a splash get me and melted a bit of my contact lens.
No damage to my eye luckily.
Jazz P Bass 6/14/2018 4:07 PM
If you have ever had an e cap explode on you, after that you will wear some sort of eye protection.

Not too sure how to protect oneself when an e cap goes "Kilauea".