Tqi 5/16/2018 2:07 PM
Cabs for a Marshall Origin 20
I have this friend...

Someone Who Isn't Me...

Actually true, because you will pry my Vaporizers out of my cold dead fingers. A good friend of mine however, is really more of a 12" vintage British kind of guitarist. He's also not a huge fan of loud noise in the home. He was testing out the Orange Rocker 15 because of the 1/2W mode, but didn't like the sound for his use. In the intervening weeks since that test, Marshall's Origin 20 has landed locally, which has the same 1/2W switch through a completely different technical implementation, and a lower gain, more 'JTM45' kind of sound. I'm going to go test one out for him over the weekend, but I doubt I'll get a huge selection of cabs to play with so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions I could pass on?

I'm strongly suggesting a 2x12 closed back cab for him, based on the kind of sound he's after (reasonably tight, but without the ten-inch treble, 'bigger' sounding than a 1x12 and physically smaller than a 4x12). Through simple availability, he tried a 'Jim Root' Orange 2x12 with the Rocker, and hated it for being too dark.

The 'obvious' choice seems to be a Marshall MX212 (cheap, but MDF so less great for gigging), Marshall 1936V (not cheap, but excellent), or one of the Blackstar cabs. But does anyone have any other suggestions, or any feedback on my advice to him?

He's using a pair of Les Paul's, one P90 and one PAF, which will be going through a Tube Screamer or decent clone.