E biddy 5/15/2018 7:39 PM
Does the doghouse on fender amps for the caps serve any purpose other and providing space in the chassis?
g1 5/15/2018 8:17 PM
Not sure if it was intended, but it sure helps contain the mess when you have a "thar she blows!" event.
The Dude 5/15/2018 8:23 PM
...... and I have had a few of those! Open the doghouse and find electrolyte and blown up cap parts everywhere. Indeed a mess.
Leo_Gnardo 5/15/2018 8:39 PM
The doghouse - I call it a bathtub because it looks like one - also holds the hi voltage caps in a relatively cool area of the amp. Back in the day, that mattered more than it does now. Most caps were rated 65C and you had to derate their expected lifetime the hotter they ran. Heck you can pay nosebleed prices right now for so-called "authentic" Sprague Atoms and they're still rated to be used 65C max. Lots of perfectly good caps available now rated 105C. But it's still a good idea to install them somewhere they won't get roasted.
dstrat 5/16/2018 2:42 AM
Also keeps your fingers from becoming .1 ohm resistors between HT and ground! dont ask me how I know
Mick Bailey 5/17/2018 10:14 AM
I always though it was to make better use of the space, given that the topside of the chassis has plenty of room.
loudthud 5/18/2018 8:41 PM
This is a kit amp that is a 5E3 boosted to about 40-50W. No room in the chassis for the caps.